Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi


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  1. hi there,

    my name is Toby Richards and I’m a British film-maker and long time visitor to Malawi. I’ve been working with the Malawi Tourism department on a new film to help them better market their country but what we ran out of time last year to film any underwater footage. I was wondering if there was any chance we might be able to include some of your wonderful Cichlid footage into the edit please?

    Regrettably we have no budget to offer and we still haven’t even been paid for the work that we did last year which worked out under UK minimum wage. But we didn’t do this project for the money, but because we love the country and we genuinely believe that tourism is the best route out of poverty. We would of course credit you for the footage. You can see from the link below what we have released so far and we are now working on separate edits for the lake, parks, animals etc.

    I’m on +447832 126794 if you have any questions and thanks in advance for your consideration.



    • Alex sagt:

      Hi Toby,

      sorry for that veryvery late reply. But i didn´t check this admin mail since my latest video upload. Usually i should receive a message when someone comments or write an message. That didn´t work either.
      Have you finished your Malawi Project yet?
      you can write to my email


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