Alex dive career started in 1998. Since then he travelled the underwater world around our globe. After an impressive Humphead Parrotfish experience during a dive in Bali in 2008, he decided to capture the underwater world himself in moving pictures

In the meantime he can call himself a specialist in cold water regions. No water too cold or too dark, and no ice cover too thick

In order to depict the processes in nature even more impressively, time-lapse techniques and drone shots were added to his videos

The videos he creates reflect emotions and his passion to nature



Panasonic GH5 with V-Log in Aquatica underwater housing

Keldan 4x 9000 lm

Dive & See Monitor

Olympus 12-50mm, Olympus 60mm, SAGA 10+ macro diopter, Panasonic 7-14mm, Olympus 8mm FE Pro


Sony RX100IV with Fantasea underwater housing for underwater timelaps

2nd Panasonic GH5 and Sony RX100II with Syrp Genie II and Genie Mini, Rollei Shark Slider for timelapse


DJI Mavic II Pro Fly More Combo